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The Cutting-Edge of Industry Practice

The Testa Group is more than a full service digital marketing and printing agency. We are a team with proven strengths and results in driving business, winning elections, and creating growth with every client we work with. We focus on investing in new business ventures that interest us, as well as partnering with our clients to grow their businesses.

We offer printing services for any size project, web design services, social media and email marketing and more. We are experts in political marketing strategies and provide those clients with every cutting-edge tool we have access to, which has caused past clients of ours to WIN their elections. Plain and simple, we know what we’re doing when it comes to marketing strategies of every kind. And we love to see results.

Bill Testa, Testa Group

Bill Testa has taken his years of knowledge and formed the Testa Group to expand his capabilities and become the umbrella company for his other ventures. Mr. Testa is responsible for driving the company’s global business strategy and operations while bringing people and capital together to support growth objectives.

Mr. Testa has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years in the Printing and Marketing industry. His ideas and achievements consistently place him at the cutting-edge of industry practice. He has a reputation for an effective leadership style and a “lead by example” work ethic.

Mr. Testa’s lifelong commitment to improving his Rochester NY community is evidenced by his participation with a number of organizations, including serving as President of the Rotary Club; supporting and coaching youth soccer programs; building a community sports park; being named “Youth Advocate of the Year”; and as a member of the board of directors of the YMCA.

Whether through coaching, strategic planning or the application of technology, Mr. Testa specializes in utilizing human resources strategy and tools to gain positive organizational performance. His track record has seen strong financial results along with strategic growth by acquisition and organic means in major diversified businesses.

Meet the Testa Team

Bill Testa
Founder, CEO
Testa Group, LLC

John Testa
Testa Group, LLC
Michael Beebe
Director of Business Development
Testa Group, LLC
Mike Lehmann
Testa Group, LLC
Shaun Carr
Digital Marketing Expert
Testa Group, LLC
Bob Green
Testa Group, LLC