New Ventures

We’re in the Business of Opportunity

Our team members are very entrepreneurial by nature, and we’re always thinking and fostering relationships. It is something we truly enjoy doing, and so many opportunities have grown from the connections we’ve made. We are proud of our past ventures and excited about our future ones!

Our Ventures

Our entrepreneurial spirit has lead to new ventures for many of us, including:


  • Frintz
  • Cloud
  • MyLifePhotos
  • Direct Mail 20/20
  • Faccident Kit
  • Market Pizza

New Ventures

If there is a new business percolating in this market, we’d like to be right in the thick of things. Our knowledgeable team generates new business opportunities on a regular basis, and we would love to learn more about your business and how we can help you.

“Much of what we do at the Testa group is relationship-based and driven by the nature of the partnerships we build. I truly enjoy working with people – those with big hearts and brilliant minds.”

Bill Testa, CEO & Founder of Testa Group


Frintz is an innovative, patented advertising service that solves the problem of today’s cluttered advertising landscape. Consumers receive free photographs of exceptional quality. The production and mailing costs are offset by advertisements that are targeted towards the consumer. During the photo upload process, as well as numerous email interactions, consumers provide a wide range of data about which offers they want with their photos. Taken as a whole, this service drives the attention and relevance necessary for higher conversion and loyalty.


Where Clouds Come From

Carin Ash is an accidental entrepreneur. She wanted something, searched high and low, and after over a decade gave up and made it herself. She called it a Cloud, because that thing she was looking for was NOT a sweatshirt. It was so soft, so heavenly, so cozy, and so comforting, it had to feel like wearing a cloud of softness.

But, she didn’t know how to sew. Minor detail.

So she bought a little sewing machine, ripped apart everything from her closet that had something to offer, and made a pattern. Then another. And another. Twenty-seven patterns later, she had her Cloud. Sorta.

Another five months of tracking down a fabric worthy of the name and Clouds were born! (With so, SO much help from YouTube sewing videos.)

Carin still believed she would only make two. One for her, one for her sister. Alas, the fates had different ideas, and six months after sewing her first Cloud she had sewn 612 of them, quit her job, taken on the nickname “CloudLady,” and realized that somehow, she had started a business.

The following year she found a manufacturer (hallelujah!), was diagnosed with cancer (yuck!), and plowed through, selling Clouds like hotcakes to hungry masses. She kicked cancer’s arse and danced away from that mess.

It didn’t take long before she knew she’d need to add some business-minded folks to the Cloud team. That’s when she met Bill Testa.

Direct Mail 20/20

The opportunity is for Direct Mail 2020 to disrupt this market with a vastly improved open rate by virtue

Direct Mail 2020 represents a significant opportunity to alter the landscape of direct mail marketing. The current state of direct mail marketing suggests an average open rate of 1.1 – 3.5%. As experienced during its pilots, the Direct Mail 2020 product has an open rate of nearly 100%. Additionally, personal photographs consistently remain high in value to the consumer which results in a positive association with the advertised product or service. This positive association, as well as data profiling and consumer targeting, will increase the response rate and foster brand loyalty for the advertisers involved in the Direct Mail 2020 program.

Faccident Kit

The FaccidentKit Fundraising Program is easy to do and you can raise money quickly!
The program is risk-free and you can sell the Faccident Kits to:

Service Organizations
Athletic Teams
Any Non-Profits (or any 501-c3 tax exempt organizations)
Church Groups
Clubs and more …

A step-by-step list of what to do
A place to jot down notes
Several witness cards

Market Pizza

More info coming soon!