Political Marketing Strategies

Full Service Marketing Strategies for Political Candidates

Testa Group is a world-class digital marketing agency specializing in the creation, delivery, and optimization of turn-key political and marketing campaigns. We work tirelessly to promote you and your platform to voters through expertly-crafted communications and cutting-edge technology.

Political Printing Samples

We work tirelessly to get you elected through expertly-crafted communications and cutting-edge technology.

PROVEN Results with our Political Printing and Marketing Services


Data – Legacy agencies rent lists- we own the data

Reach – We know your voters- behavioral analytics and data scientists measure, segment, and target your voters issue by issue, voter by voter

Complimentary – We work in tandem with your existing team to boost all efforts with better data and reach

Low Cost – Streamlined process and decades of campaigning results in better, faster, and less expensive digital voter outreach

We Manage:

– Databases and Data (shared with candidate)
– ESP and Sending Infrastructure
– Opt-In and Opt-Out Lists
– Compliance (CAN-SPAM)
– Creative Assets
– Landing Pages
– Signal Data (shared with candidate)
– Feedback Loop (forwarded to candidate)